Pike Medical staff serve hundreds of patients daily at our main medical facility as well as throughout Indianapolis. We are proud to have a select group of employees committed to excellence at every point of care.

UrgentCare Indy Providers:

  • Maddie Snyder, PA-C, MPAS
  • Michelle Bowen, PA-C, MPAS
  • Dan Sturm, PA-C, MMS
  • Chase Keirn, PA-C, MPAS
  • Kevin Bogenschutz, PA-C, MPAS


  • Brandi Foree
  • Kyle Geiss
  • Chris Roman
  • Rita Davis
  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Haleigh Hanson
  • Edward Hatfield
  • Emily Yarman
  • Dr. Margaret Spolnik

GeriCare Indy Providers

  • Lindsay Epps
  • Tammi Roberts
  • Cherish Batts
  • Sarah Cherry
  • Melanie Rodewald
  • Brett Kotowski
  • Heather Foxworthy
  • Cassandra Farmer
  • Wendy Wright-Parker


  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Brandi Foree
  • Amie Burns-Scharnke
  • Alicia Hensley
  • Leo O’Connor
  • Cheryl Sabens

PrimaryCare Indy Providers

  • Kevin Bogenschutz
  • Maddie Snyder

LungCare Indy Providers

  • Dr. James D. Pike, D. O. FCCP, FACP
  • Jan Pike, RRT, AE-C, Respiratory Therapist
  • Kevin Bogenschutz