The vision of Pike Medical Consultants is to offer a different kind of healthcare experience, where we make every effort to serve our patients and their families wholeheartedly. Read below to learn more about the faith-based principles that guide our practice.

Faith-based Principles

What we believe visibly shapes how we live and work. At Pike Medical Consultants, our values — compassion, devotion, respect – come from faith-based principles. The following is a brief summary of these teachings that we seek to live out with our staff and our patients:

  • The Golden Rule.Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.” We aim to we treat all people as if we were taking care of ourselves.
  • The Glory of God. We hope to reflect, even in small ways, the self-giving and ultimately sacrificial love of God through kindness, faithfulness, and service to everyone we interact with, especially our patients.
  • The Sanctity of Life. We were fashioned with love and purpose by our Creator and made in His image, so we see human life as sacred and eternally significant
  • The Good of the City. Our mission is to bless the places and people around us, as evidence of God’s good will toward us despite what we actually deserve. We do this as we wait for an eternal, heavenly city, where God lives among His people and — believe it or not — health care will no longer be needed!